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Who am I?

I suppose you are wandering who I am and how I can add any value to your life?

Good question. Here is a snap shot of my life to date.

After a happy upbringing and a great family life I started life as a high school teacher. This kept me enthralled for about 8 years at which stage I decided it was time to do something different.

So at the ripe old age of 29 I left the sheltered and reasonably secure life of teaching for the dog eat dog corporate world.

This was quite a shock to the system and I had no idea how to behave or be successful in this very different male dominated world of hierachy, politics and games.

After a couple of years of being beaten up and spat out I got the hang of it and loved it.

I shifted from Brisbane to Sydney where I built my career over 10 years, including an eye opening stint in New York for News Corp.

Traveling throughout Australia became part of my life and I was lucky enough to work in PNG, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

At 41 I decided it was time to settle down and get myself a home and a love life so I moved back to Brisbane.

My career took off again and culminated in one of my all time favourite roles as General Manager People Culture and Change for Hamilton Island Enterprises.

Most people sigh when I say this. But believe me living and working on a tropical island for three and a half years can have some downsides, but not many.

I am pleased to say that my plan worked and I did get myself a home and a partner who is now my husband.

What I also managed to get however was Hashimoto’s Disease which is an auto immune Thyroid disease.

This gift from my many years of working and playing hard laid me low for a couple of years and gave me plenty of time to consider how I was living my life.

I realised that while I had really had an amazing time doing what I had been doing it had to change.

My health had to come first and I needed to design and create a life that I could live that would make me happy, keep me well and give me an income.

fearless after 50 was born.

I am a writer, speaker and coach for women focusing on living your passions and ageing with confidence.

I would love you to read my blogs and subscribe, watch my Vlogs on YouTube or follow me on Facebook.

If you are interested in some one on one coaching or mentoring or would just like to connect drop me a line lyn@fearlessafter50.net.

I would love to hear from you.

fearlessly yours